• - transfer of skills through training
  • - contribution to the creation of employment
  • - promotion of development through different organisms and institutions

The beneficiary of each mission selects a senior expert from a list of candidates proposed by AGIR abcd

AGIRabcd is a non-profit association ; each mission is defined by an agreement between the beneficiary, the volunteer expert selected, and AGIRabcd. The volunteer expert receives no salary, but the expenses related to the mission are covered by the beneficiary: round-trip and local travel, room, board and insurance , as well as a contribution to the operating expenses of the association

OUR PRINCIPAL OBLIGATIONS, according to our charter

  • - for the members of the association, to transfer their professional skills on a volunteer basis
  • - to fulfill a role of advice and accompaniment without interfering in the decision process
  • - to avoid competing with private or public consulting agencies, but on the contrary, to complement or accompany their actions
  • - to avoid taking the place of a paid employee, but on the contrary, to contribute to the maintenance or creation of employment
  • - to respect the integrity of beneficiaries, and to keep personal information strictly confidential
  • - to promote and maintain employment through professional reinsertion, tutoring, mentoring, and the assistance provided by the accumulated knowledge of our volunteer senior experts